Asian-Flavored Snack Mix


The Asian standbys of soy sauce, hoisin, and toasted sesame oil, along with those crisp and shiny Japanese rice snacks, have become so much a part of American cuisine that’s there’s nothing “ethnic” about this truly addictive party mix. We guarantee that you won’t be able to keep from nibbling on it all evening long!…… Read More

Oatmeal Snack Cake


Still we wait for spring. I don’t know about where you are, but here in Chicago we haven’t put our parkas away yet. Everyone is so anxious for warm spring days, but so far they are not materializing. I am trying to use these final days of winter-like weather to cook some cold-weather favorites before…… Read More

Vanilla Snack Cakes


Despite some tall tales, Hostess Twinkies do not last forever. The box of Twinkies that my friends gave me as a gag gift were, in fact, hard as a rock in less than a year. These cream-filled chiffon cake snacks, made with real, unprocessed dairy and eggs and whole-grain flours, won’t last nearly as long…… Read More

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