Banana Nut Bread


My mother learned to cook this bread during the Depression, when nothing was wasted — especially overripe bananas. We clamored for this treat so often that she frequently bought extra bananas and let them get almost black. I’ve discovered that overripe bananas can be peeled, mashed, and frozen, then defrosted whenever I want to bake…… Read More

Vegan banana & peanut butter cupcakes


Employ some clever tricks to achieve a dairy-free bake – egg-free mayonnaise, almond milk and margarine fit the billIngredients:240g self-raising flour140g golden caster sugar1 tsp bicarbonate of soda240g egg-free mayonnaise2 large or 3 small ripe banana, mashed1 tsp vanilla extract25g vegan dark chocolate chip80g vegan margarine250g icing sugar25ml vegan milk (we used almond milk)2 tbsp…… Read More

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