Seasonal Health Class: Mind, Body, Food Connection
Seasonal Health Class: Mind, Body, Food Connection

Body, Mind, Seasonal Food Class. Meal plans and groceries delivered to your door, health, exercise, and lifestyle coaching (by a favourite health practitioner of the Vancouver Canucks). Guided nature walks with a local biologist. Experience the results of a seasonal lifestyle. This is a 1-month intensive (available again each season). We only work with 8 students. 

Deadline for registration Jan 25, 2021

Start Date Feb 1 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the duration of February)

    • Max Number of students 8
    • Course Category Health and Wellness
    • Difficulty level (immersive / all levels welcomed)
    • Duration- 1 month
    • Number of classes- 12 class (3 / week, 1 one on one class per week)
    • Exam Required- no
    • Price $4000.00 (includes 1-month food subscription. Price per season)  
$4,000.00 + GST
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Site/ation: How the Land Informs Culture from an Indigenous Perspective
Site/ation: How the Land Informs Culture from an Indigenous Perspective

 Learn from various Indigenous scholars. Develop a land informed perspective and artistic practice. A great class for artistic and scientific minds alike. (This class sponsors 2 indigenous youth to take the class).

Deadline For registration Jan 20, 2021

Start date: March 1st, 2021

    • Max Number of students 20 
    • Minimum Number of students 12
    • Course Category
    • Difficulty level (Advanced Art theory) Continuing Studies
    • Certification(s)- Cultural Sensitivity
    • Duration- 2 months
    • Number of classes- 8
    • Exam Required- no
$700.00 + GST
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University Prep 101 & Grade 12 booster (The Community-Conscious Student)
University Prep 101 & Grade 12 booster (The Community-Conscious Student)

University prep 101-  Learn everything you need from how to write a paper to email etiquette. Become familiar with the current issues and concepts universities are exploring such as environmentalism. Great for anyone at any age, anyone thinking about going back to school or high school graduates. This class is an absolute must. Proceeds of this class sponsor education modules that connect people to place for generations to come. 

Deadline for registration: December 28th

Start Date October 2021, (Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm)

    • Max number of students 20 
    • Minimum Number of students 10
    • Course Category (University)
    • Entry-level University.  
    • Certification(s)- NA
    • Duration- 2 months
    • Number of classes- 14
    • Exam Required- No
    • Disclaimer: Price may change next year
$620.00 + GST
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Green House Technology Course for Your Home or Business
Green House Technology Course for Your Home or Business

Hacking electronics and plants at the same time with creative electronics and open source DIY. Learn from a world renowned expert.

Deadline for registration: May 15

Start date: Tuesday June 1, 2021

    • Max Number of students 20 
    • Minimum Number of students 12
    • Course Category: Tech
    • Difficulty level: beginner/enthusiast 
    • Certification(s)- ?
    • Duration- 3 months
    • Number of classes- 12
    • Exam Required- no
    • Price $460.00 (early registration discount, Note:Due to COVID restriction this course is half price)
$460.00 + GST
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Winter Writing Course: Threading Your Relationship to Seasonality
Winter Writing Course: Threading Your Relationship to Seasonality

Fall in love with a local forest this winter. Why? We protect the things we love. Were you taught that trees were firewood; or were they introduced to you as neighbors? A delightful Saturday morning. Picture a wintery scene with a coffee in hand, storytelling by a fire lit wood stove. Listen to short stories, dissect poems, and discover your relationship to Winter.  Publishing opportunities available. This course is led by a local Author.

Register by January 16, 2021.

Start Date Saturday Morning (9:00 – 10:30 am) January 23 – March 6, 2021.

    • Max Number of students 20
    • Min Number of students 12
    • Course: Category (Writing / Zoom)
    • Level: Advanced / Continuing studies
    • Certification(s)- NA
    • Duration- 2 months
    • Number of classes- 7
$460.00 + GST
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Weekly Seasonal Box Subscription
Weekly Seasonal Box Subscription

From local farms and forests to your table. The Seasonal Box is about simplicity, practicality, and connection to your local farms, as well as wild foods. Each box is curated with local seasonal ingredients to give you and yours a delicious experience. All boxes come with recipes to help inspire a seasonal meal plan. Save time and money, so that you can explore more.

What You Receive:

Chose your commitment and preferences. We bring seasonal groceries to your doorstep. Your meal plan and recipes are designed by local food champions. Cook. Serve. Enjoy.


Free Delivery to Kelowna +

*Subscription delivery day is every Friday.  Cut-off for making weekly orders are Wednesdays @ 12:00 noon.


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From: $100.00 / week by Wild Food Box Subscribe Now
UBC-Okanagan Fine Arts Portfolio Prep (don’t get lost in the wilds of creativity)
$400.00 + GST
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Wild Gift Box
Wild Gift Box

Love Your Neighbour Project

Make a difference by giving a food box as a grocery gram (send a neighbor a box of groceries) or support people in our community who could use some love from a good neighbor.  With your gift, we make food box deliveries to local families and others in the community who could use some support during these tough and unpredictable times.

What you are giving:

  • Fresh seasonal produce and meats
  • Essential toiletries
  • Preserved food goods (juice from Okanagan Fruit Tree project)
  • Boxes are curated for each target group (as they all have different needs, i.e elders, homeless, students)

A La Cart Giving and Receiving:

  • Give $150.00/ Receive a Thank you Card (by a local artist)
  • Give $250.00/ Receive a  Local Love Basket (local businesses supported)
  • Give $ 500.00/ Receive “Tunes of the Terroir” Vinyard picnic and live music this summer (2 tickets)
  • Give $ 1000.00/ Receive one of our courses on seasonality
  • Give $2000 or more/ Receive an experience (Proceeds will go towards hiring a local elder to knit mitts for people in need or local clothing company)

Steps: Click subscribe (you will not get charged weekly) Chose amount. Check out. We will deliver to each target group on Feb 14, 2021. Charitable receipts available upon request ($1000.00 or more). This gift supports local food producers and small businesses who make the products for the Love Your Neighbour Project.

Thank you on behalf of our community, for your generous gifts and supporting local.


$150.00 by Wild Food Box
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Custom Experience
Custom Experience

Cultivating connection to place and each other one delicious adventure at a time!

Receive an outing custom-tailored to your interests, time with an expert, a fantastic dinner with said expert, and a professional-grade video (promotional opportunity for your website or as a memento). Great as a corporate retreat or family outing. Includes an invitation to one of our exclusive seasonal long table dinners curated by a local artist. Each outing supports a local farmer or environmental organization. Please see below for more information. We have over 30 curated experiences for you to be paired with!

Call us for a consultation: 778-888-7946.


Example Experiences

Corporate Retreats

Thinking about getting the team vibe back to the office? With so many people working at home; corporate retreats that build a genuine sense of connection are important. From virtual staycations to local getaways we have you covered.


Want to come to the Okanagan or explore your own backyard? A taste of the terroir, think: Black currant wine, exclusive picnic and wine tasting, hike with a local forager or ecologist, or spend a day with an Indigenous knowledge keeper..the list goes on.  Let us curate the truest local experience for you. Call us for a consultation.

Farm to Plate

Spend a day touring local farms and end the day with a meal that reflects the experience.

House concert (Roots Revival Series), connect to the roots of the landscape with ecological experts paired perfectly with a musical act in your living room or backyard.

Forest to Fork

Spend the day with a forager or wildcrafter. Learn local wild plants and come back to a meal in an interesting location that incorporates the ingredients discovered along the trail.


Other Options:

  • Seasonal Long Table Dinner
  • Taste the Terroir with VQA Wine Sommelier
  • Canning Class
  • Cooking Class with local chefs
  • Discover your Wild backyard (edible plants)
  • ReWild your Farm
  • Horseback Riding
  • And many more…
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Seasonal Cooking Class

Wild Cooking Classes

Keeping Bees & Wild Species of Bees

Wild Flowers: Learn them through Botany Sciences and Painting

Animal Husbandry 

Backyard Tours (wild edible plants growing in your own backyard)

Re-wild your Classroom: Learn about the seasonality

Nsyilxcən language class for beginners: learn seasonality through indigenous language 

Talking to Trees … they are a lot like us.

Nature Walks with Experts: Hike the trail with ecological experts, you’ll never see Knox the same way again.  

Wild Charcuterie Board with Wild Cocktails

Re-Wild your home Office: Virtual Interior design consultation sessions with Cedar and Salt Interior Design Firm.

Taste the Terroir with VQA Wine Sommelier 

Tacit warnings about the screen

Hike with Andreas- regeneration after the forest fires

The Farm and the Faithful

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Cultural Safety Training
Cultural Safety Training

Interested in fostering a connection to the unique local indigenous history and working towards respectful relationships. Custom designed for any organization. Excellent for virtual and in-person conferences. Accreditation is available. Classes run by two local elders. Please call 778-888-7946

E-mail us for availability offered each month throughout the year.

    • Max Number of students (none)
    • Min Number of students (none)
    • Course Category- Indigenous content
    • Difficulty level (All levels welcome)
    • Certification(s)- Cultural Safety Training
    • Duration- (curated to fit the needs of your organization)
    • Number of classes- multiple
    • Exam Required- no
    • Call us for pricing as it varies for different events
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