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Weekly Seasonal Box Subscription

by Wild Food Box

From: $100.00 / week

From local farms and forests to your table. The Seasonal Box is about simplicity, practicality, and connection to your local farms, as well as wild foods. Each box is curated with local seasonal ingredients to give you and yours a delicious experience. All boxes come with recipes to help inspire a seasonal meal plan. Save time and money, so that you can explore more.

What You Receive:

Chose your commitment and preferences. We bring seasonal groceries to your doorstep. Your meal plan and recipes are designed by local food champions. Cook. Serve. Enjoy.


Free Delivery to Kelowna +

*Subscription delivery day is every Friday.  Cut-off for making weekly orders are Wednesdays @ 12:00 noon.


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Seasonal Products


Fresh Vegetables: fresh beans, beats, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, celery, Swiss chard, fennel bulb, dried garlic, kale, lettuce, mustard greens, green onions, red-yellow-onions, peas, new potatoes, rhubarb, salad greens, spinach, summer squash, tomatoes, white turnips, zucchini

Fresh Fruits: blueberries, cherries, goose berries, nectarines, quince, Saskatoon berries, strawberries

Fresh Herbs: assorted and may include: bay leaves, basils, chives, garlic, chervil, cilantro, dill leaf, dill seed, epazote, fennel leaf, fennel seed, lavender, lemon grass, verbena, marjoram, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, savory-winter-summer, shiso, sorrel, tarragon, thyme

Our goal is to provide you local seasonal products in every box. However, due to seasonality, we occasionally will reach out to the ‘next-most-local’ and ethical option available. The images shown are intended as an example of the produce included and will be subject to seasonality and availability.

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 43.2 × 43.2 in
Number of people

2 people: $100 (2 meals ea./week – beginner subscription), 1 people: $145 (5 meals ea./week), 2 people: $260 (5 meals ea./week), 3 people: $375 (5 meals ea./week), 4 people: $490 (5 meals ea./week)

Wild Food Box

Local first, farm-fresh, resilient, connected, and a little bit wild because we are from Kelowna for Kelowna.

The Wild Food Box is a meal kit and online grocery service. With a convenient pick-up location or delivery to your door. Our focus is to empower Kelowna with education, skills, community connection, and great food so our community is equipped with everything we need to cook up a better way of life. An important aspect of this social enterprise is developing a strong local network that can resist the industrial takeover of the ‘family farm’ and indigenous landscape. We are a collaborative network of farmers, foragers, food producers, technologists, educators, water protectors, food warriors, food champions, and musicians. WFB believes in the power of the people and with every purchase, you will be creating local food security and a community culture that is designed with the next generation in mind. We can’t wait to connect you to this place through our food box.