The Wild Food Box roots are in the ground and those roots are not going anywhere. However, we have an interesting growth projection. We are a technology company with a vision of growing organic food with 1/10 of the water.

We are a technology company with a vision of growing organic food with 1/10 of the water.

The person behind this vision is technologist Morgan Rauscher. Morgan Rauscher is the Chief Technology Officer of the Wild Food Box Program and believes the Wild Food Box is the first step of many to delivering a better way of life.

In a conversation about environment and technology, Rauscher explains the technology that will make this vision a reality is a biofeedback loop that requires understanding the language of nature. With two years to go on an already 10-year project, his green-house technology operates on the principles of nature but does not require a natural habitat to function.

One of the interesting qualities of this technocrat is he’s somewhat of a Luddite and advocates that technologists have a corporate responsibility to learn and develop in ways that harmonize with nature. “Food should not be treated like a status symbol or a weapon, but it is,” said Rauscher. Inspired by the fallout of GMO’s, Rauscher expressed that the natural world (water, gardens, old-growth nutrient exchange systems) has been his primary teacher in understanding how to create technology that would grow local fresh organic food and medicine at a fraction of the cost to humans while giving nature’s water supply an opportunity to recover.

If this work is successful, Rauscher hopes to support programming for the next generation on the principles of permaculture and supporting youth to come up with technological solutions in stewardship. Something he enthusiastically implements in his syllabus as a professor at the University of British Columbia Okanagan’s campus. 

Naomi Klein expressed that much of disaster capitalism is created by simply implementing ideas that were lying around. She wrote, “In the midst of this widespread panic, corporate lobbyists of all stripes are of course dusting off all the ideas they had lying around. Trump is pushing a suspension of the payroll tax, which could bankrupt Social Security, providing the excuse to cut it or privatize it completely — an idea that has been lying around for a very long time.”

However, we believe solutions that respond to times of crisis and systemic reform are fought with the same ammunition.

The Wild Food Box was a collaborative effort of a few people’s vision for a healthier world, that had been lying around for a very long time. We hope you will join us in this effort.

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