Something to Smile About: Kendra McFarland Joins the Team. Vibrant Okanagan Concierge and Cleaning Team will be sanitizing and delivering your food.

We are excited to welcome Kendra McFarland to the Wild Food Box Team.

I met Kendra McFarland at the Her International event, Hope in Her Eyes, that was put on by friends Tamara Mclellen and Mandy Glinsbockel. I observed Kendra clearing the dishes at the event. She shined as she did this humble work. There were many inspiring women who attended the event, but Kendra was the teacher to pay attention to that night. It was a reminder that every role matters in the creation of experiences. She made clearing dishes beautiful and it is of no surprise that a few years later Kendra would start her own cleaning company. 

I asked Kendra what the act of cleaning has taught her and she candidly responded, “that people don’t know how to clean unless they have been trained.” She also noted to use natural products as much as possible, “so that way you don’t ruin things.”

“Trust and communication are the essential ingredients of a successful cleaning company.”

To her, trust and communication are the essential ingredients of a successful cleaning company. Mcfarland said, “when you are working in people’s homes and the same could be said with people’s produce, they are giving you their trust, and I treat that trust (responsibility) with absolute care.”

When COVID-19 hit Kelowna, McFarland’s work quickly began to dry up, but within 48 hours McFarland turned that story around. Through her networking skills, she added a cleaning service for grocery stores to her business model. Mcfarland said, “Cleaning grocery stores during COVID-19 I have learned that people really want some comfort. Our presence helps to create a sense of security.” McFarland created jobs and has hired seven new people for the COVID-19 response team. McFarland said, “Providing a livable wage is a powerful contribution I can give.”

Towards the end of the interview with McFarland, I asked what her cleaning company has taught her about relationship development. Her answer: “Accountability is a key factor in creating long term relationships. Accountable to the work, community, and to the standard of service.”  

Kendra McFarland is a teacher of how to bring beauty to unlikely places. Thank you, Miss McFarland. Simply Humbled.  

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