It was a hot Saturday morning during the summer of 2015, at the Kelowna’s farmers market. I had arms overflowing with items that would no longer fit in my bountiful basket. I was on my way to my car when an old friend told me I absolutely had to meet Scott Moran of Everything Wild.

Everything wild, indeed! Wild greens, wild mushrooms, edible flowers, the occasional sea asparagus, and huckleberries (the black kind), I obviously could not say no. Before long, I stood before a variety of carefully collected…things, wondrous things, none of which I could identify or name. Little did I know that one day I would not only know each of Scott’s carefully curated products, I’d also learn how to make them delicious, and their collector would become one of my dear friends and business partner.  

Scott Moran of Everything Wild is our produce and warehouse manager. His invaluable knowledge and hard work have contributed to the contents in every single box. The Foragers’ Box, contains a mix of Scott’s knowledge (wild edibles), love for local ‘things’, and chocolate (made in Naramata), all chosen by the man behind Everything Wild.

We’re also happy to share that Scott will soon be providing information sessions about invasive species and a video on how to cook wild mushrooms (currently in production). Stay tuned!  

Featured in article by creator of the butcher, the Baker, the Wine and Cheese Maker.

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