We only have access to 5% of what is produced locally at the farmers market. Wild Food Box wants to change this statistic and we can with your help!  

The roots of Wild Food Box began to grow in 2012, but it took a force of nature (otherwise known as a global pandemic) that has undoubtedly changed the global exchange of goods forever, to reignite our passion for the localization of our food supply. We encourage you to read the document linked below that initially inspired us. Not much has changed since this document was published in 2013. Public pressure is the only way to secure this access. 

If it infuriates you too, please write a letter to your local MP and encourage them to invest in the protection of our access and ability to produce locally grown food.

Take action today! Here’s a guide to writing a letter to your MP https://cpj.ca/writing-letter-your-mp

*Transparency matters to us. Not all of the products in the pantry box are local – yet. We are working hard to localize the products we offer, while still meeting our community members’ needs. If you are a local business who produces pasta, tomato sauces, flour, non-GMO popcorn, etc., let’s talk about getting your product in the Wild Food Box.

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