The global supply chain is changing.

With borders closing and labour markets stressed you too may have noticed some of your go-to products and produce slowly disappearing from the shelves of grocery stores. It’s probably not surprising then to read yet another article on how the global pandemic is changing the way Canada’s food supply is working (or not working) and the impact it’s having on farmworkers.

Through local collaborative efforts, Wild Food Box aims to create new job opportunities and contribute to a resilient local economy. When you buy a Wild Food Box, you support local farmers, bakers, cheese makers, students, and the local economy. You also get fresh, affordable produce.

To us, this is food security at its best and we hope you agree.

(Want to read more about how the pandemic is impacting food supply? Read the articles linked below.)  

Castanet Reports: Tight year for farm labour
Farmers may have to look to locals this year for farmhand labour

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