This company is a work of art. Mobilized by three determined local artists to reconnect people to place and each other.

The Wild Food Box is a community first enterprise. We have generated a unique platform for local farmers, small businesses, chefs, foragers, wildcrafters, food warriors, technologists, and teachers from our community to give to our community. Driven by the economics of sharing and the wisdom of the seasons; you are supporting not only your local economy but a model that will benefit generations to come.

A bit on seasonality: We observe the 12 seasons because each month yields delightful treats, nutritional gems, but most importantly- ‘lessons’. Wild Food Box is about harvesting these ingredients and nourishing our neighborhoods with connection, experience, education, and of course delicious food.

We offer you the seasonal food box: Eating seasonally is the best thing we can do for our bellies and our planet. Local Seasonal food (especially wild foods) are more nutritionally dense and vitamin-rich. This is an excellent way to start a pledge to seasonal eating. Local cookbook authors, chefs, and enthusiasts do all the work for you.  A delightful way to tune into seasonality and get amazing quality delivered to your door.

Our experiences are curated to your needs and interests. Our passion is igniting a love for the Okanagan. Be it a corporate retreat, family getaway, or amazing date, we cannot wait to give you a complimentary consultation for one of our exclusive experiences.

Feeling cooped up this winter and long for a sense of community? Our educational programs give you all the tools you need to explore all the lessons of the seasons. From composting, to cooking, writing, and guided nature walks with ecologists, there is something for everyone. All of our courses are run by experts; some hold PhDs and Masters, while others have raised chickens for five generations. Re-wild your mind this season with one of our classes.

Our online grocery store and delivery service will return Spring 2021.

Wild Food Box is for people who care and want to make the world a better place for the next generation. Join the seasonal lifestyle now!

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