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Grandma’s Chicken Casserole

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  • slug of olive oil
  • bay leaf
  • seasoning
  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken, cubed
  • 4 carrots, sliced
  • 2 tspns butter
  • plain flour to thicken
  • 4 celery sticks, sliced
  • 4 trimmed leeks, sliced
  • 200 ml chicken stock
  • bunch fresh sage
Servings: 4

  1. Start by heating the butter and oil in a large saucepan. Add the chopped vegetables and soften.
  2. Add the diced chicked and fresh sage leaves (not the stalks), and cook until golden brown
  3. Remove from heat and add flour to soak up all the veg and chicken juices, then add water, chicken stock, and a bay leaf. Season to taste, and transfer to a casserole dish.
  4. Cook in a preheated oven, 180c, for about an hour.
  5. You could also add sweetcorn about halfway through the oven cooking time for some extra taste and colour, and it also works really well if you add dumplings!

Estimated Nutrient Breakdown:

Calories: 9,293.90
Weight: 4,817.97g
Total Fat: 634.59g
Saturated Fat: 175.07g
Trans-Fat: 3.88g
Monounsaturated Fat: 279.89g
Polyunsaturated Fat: 128.64g
Protein: 708.24g

Cholesterol: 2,786.42g
Sodium: 3,252.60g
Calcium: 1,354.40g
Magnesium: 1,021.04g
Potassium: 9,445.59g
Iron: 65.34g
Zink: 51.99g
Phosphorus: 5,855.60

Vit A: 4,048.14
Vit B1: 2.86
Vit B2: 5.10
Vit B3: 260.01
Vit B6: 15.16
Vit B12: 11.42
Vit D: 7.50
Vit E: 7.50
Vit K1: 715.59


Caution: Sulfites,FODMAP
Health Notes: Peanut-Free,Tree-Nut-Free,Alcohol-Free,
Notes: My grandma says this recipe is helpful.

Author: BBC Good Food
Tags: Wild Food Box

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