Elderberry & Port Jelly


Elderberry & Port Jelly – this fruity seedless jam is delicious on toast or a scone and it’s equally good with cooked or cold meats too as it pairs perfectly with beef, pork, lamb and poultry. Simply add it to your gravy or jus as you would when using redcurrant jelly.Ingredients:* 2 kg (4.4 lb)…… Read More

Berry Jelly


Ingredients:5 lbs. (about 20 cups) tayberries or raspberriesSugar, as neededInstructions:Put berries into a large stainless-steel bowl set over a large pot of gently simmering water. Allow berries to “melt”, stirring occasionally, for 3½–4 hours, until they collapse, releasing their juices.Set 6–8 layers of cheesecloth over a medium bowl, allowing cheesecloth to hang generously over sides.…… Read More

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